Abloy CL103 Universal Range Cam Lock

Abloy CL103 Universal Range Cam Lock

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  • Key removable: in locked position only
  • Length: 43mm
  • Cam types: Several different cam types
  • Material of cylinder housing: Brass


ABLOY CLASSIC is the icon for ABLOY rotating disc cylinders with a long history. The first ABLOY CLASSIC cylinders were sold in 1920 and they are still a part of the ABLOY cylinder family. The unique structure of rotating disc cylinders guarantees reliable and durable function without springs and pins. ABLOY CLASSIC has been the foundation for all ABLOY cylinder systems.


Abloy Sentry Key ABLOY SENTRY is a patented cylinder system for industrial applications such as professional end users and original equipment manufacturers. It is ideal for locking systems which only consist of cam locks, cabinet locks, or padlocks.

Keyed to differ

Locks or cylinders, each of which is combined differently from the others. Each different key operates only one lock or cylinder.

Keyed alike

Two or more locks or cylinders can be operated with the same key.

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