FG Stainless Steel Nylon Anchor

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FG Stainless Steel Nylon Anchor is a one-piece unit consisting of a nylon plug and screw for light fixings and solid materials.


  • Easy to use
  • Removable fixing
  • Preassembled and ready to use
  • Anchor can be set by hammer or screw in the Philips head screw


  • Many applications where good quality light weight fastenings are required
  • Sheet metal, timber battens,window frames, door frames, decorations bathroom fixtures, electrical accessories, wall cabinets


  • Body: Polyamide
  • Screw: Stainless Steel A2-70 (S/S 304)
  • Setting Temperature: 15°c to 50°c
  • Temperature Resistant: 30°c to 70°c
FG Nylon Anchor Specification
Product Code Drill Hole Diameter Setting Depth Fixture Thickness Anchor Length Anchor Size Packaging Content Weight Per Packaging
FG-SSNA-05033 6mm 30mm 3mm 33mm 5mm 200pcs 0.56kg
FG-SSNA-06040 6mm 32mm 8mm 40mm 6mm 200pcs 0.85kg
FG-SSNA-06060 6mm 39mm 21mm 60mm 6mm 100pcs 0.67kg
FG-SSNA-06080 6mm 39mm 41mm 80mm 6mm 100pcs 0.70kg
FG-SSNA-08045 8mm 28mm 7mm 45mm 8mm 100pcs 0.33kg
FG-SSNA-08060 8mm 49mm 11mm 60mm 8mm 100pcs 0.90kg
FG-SSNA-08080 8mm 49mm 31mm 80mm 8mm 100pcs 0.97kg
FG-SSNA-08100 8mm 49mm 51mm 100mm 8mm 100pcs 1.03kg

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