SELLEYS Multi-Purpose Descaler
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How to use a descaler to clean your appliances

While the steps for cleaning with a descaler may differ from one appliance to another, you may use this general guide as a reference:

  1. Follow the product usage instructions and dilute the descaler accordingly.
  2. Remove all the detachable parts from the appliance you want to clean.
  3. Fill the appliance with the recommended amount of descaler solution.
  4. Switch the appliance on and allow it to run through an entire cycle with the descaler solution inside it.
  5. Allow the appliance to rest for a few minutes once the cycle has ended.
  6. Drain the descaler solution from the appliance.
  7. Rinse the appliance to remove all traces of the descaler.
  8. Reassemble the appliance, and fill it with water.
  9. Run the appliance several more times to remove any descaler residue.